Reality hit Smokepurpp hard this year. The rapper realized somewhat of a return to form with hard, chaotic songs that sound like they could have fit in well during his days as a leader on SoundCloud. Unfortunately, after learning of his first-week album sales for Florida Jit, he learned that a good portion of his audience just grew tired of him, marking a mere 5,000 equivalent album units this time around.

Those numbers have become a running joke on Hip Hop Twitter, with people calculating other rappers' sales by using Smokepurpp as a low point. When Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to do the same thing on Instagram, the Florida star clapped back and tried to hit a nerve.

Announcing that John Gabbana, the new name for the controversial Boonk Gang, is releasing his own album on September 4 to compete with 6ix9ine and Lil Durk, DJ Akademiks ran some promo for the rapper who is citing new beginnings for this chapter in his life. Tekashi appeared in the comments, offering Gabbana a challenge.

"If he outsells smoke purp I’ll put AK on a diet," wrote the rainbow-haired menace.

Smokepurpp ended up seeing the comment though and he brought up something that recently came to light, referencing the fact that 69 is allegedly paying people to beef with him.

"@6ix9ine but didn't you try to pay Lil dur-... nvm," replied Purpp.

As far as sales are concerned, who do you think will have the bigger first week? 6ix9ine or Lil Durk? And, for the sake of asking, do you think John Gabbana can outsell Smokepurpp at 5K copies?