The coronavirus conspiracy theories have been flowing since it was even announced. Though anti-maskers are flooding streets across the world protesting the use of wearing a piece of cloth over their face, some have speculated that COVID-19 was made by the government to distract the people from bigger things. Smokepurpp, for one, speculates that this could be true. The rapper took to Instagram to provide fans insight into his theory.

"I wanna know something. Why is it that the coronavirus only comes -- it comes in waves, first of all. And those waves, it comes every time they're trying to get us distracted from something bigger going on," he said. "So I wanna know, like, is this shit government made? Like, is this shit real? Wassup?"

Though he isn't the first one to suggest coronavirus is some sort of conspiracy theory, COVID-19 is, in fact, very real. Smokepurpp is among the many artists and musicians who've been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The rapper hasn't been able to tour but he did bless fans with his latest project, Florida Jit earlier this summer. Purpp has, however, taken part in these virtual performances that have been popping up more frequently.