Smokepurpp has kept busy since the release of Deadstar, delivering a solid dose of singles like the Nav-assisted "Phone," ManMan Savage's "Trap Rules," and the Ronny J laced "Big Bucks." Now, the young Floridian rapper has sat down with Montreality for a detailed interview, which opens up on a rather interesting note. More specifically, Purpp kicks off the conversation by recounting his experience shoving Xanax up women's buttholes, complete with some vivid sound effects; depending on where you stand, it will either come off as off-putting or amusing. Either way, Purpp seems to have gone back on his vow to leave Xanax in 2017. 

As the conversation progresses, Purpp eventually opens up about his biggest influence, 50 Cent. "He brought that gangsta shit into the rap game," says Purpp. "Back in the day it was really more gangsta than it is now...Even if I saw a fucking bootleg album, I'll buy that shit. I fucked with 50, like, I'm a fucking fan of 50 Cent, I swear to God....I'm not gon' lie, when his movie came out, his movie was crazy as fuck. That shit should have got a Grammy, that movie underrated....50 Cent a legend."

He also talks a bit about his "beef" with J. Cole, admitting that "nowadays, everything is kind of a troll. People do know [the "fuck J Cole" tweets"] are trolling, but if they don't, we don't care. Pump doesn't care." For the whole interview, check out the video below.