Fresh off the release of a melodic new drop called "Remember Me," Smokepurpp has stepped overseas to set Tim Westwood's studio ablaze. Taking a page out of Juice WRLD's playbook, Purpp decided to freestyle for nearly forty minutes, opting to go off-the-dome. While that might be a gamble to some, others recognize the merit in preserving the lost art of spontaneous bars. Ever the good sport, Westwood proceeds to bless Purpp with no shortage of instrumentals, including "XO Tour Life," "Duppy," "ZEZE," "Roll In Peace," and many more.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

For the most part, Purpp tackles each beat with a noted lack of finesse. Yet the rawness with which he spits is part of the charm; you've gotta admire a man willing to brave uncharted waters on live radio. Though he's hardly breaking lyrical barriers, every so often he stumbles upon a dope flow, catching fragmented lyrics and building greater schemes around them. True, dying-cat dips into falsetto occasionally derail the ship, Purpp does occasionally stumble upon a few gems throughout the journey.

Check out Purpp's exercise in lyrical gymnastics below. Is the young man deserving of an A-for-effort? Before doling out judgment, perhaps you oughta step to the mic and take up the challenge. Though Black Thought he is not, Purpp deserves credit for taking a risk and having some fun in the process. Did he deserve some bombs dropped in his honor?