Brooklyn drill rapper Smoove L is the latest to enter Funk Flex's studio, and you already know where this is heading. Revealing that the L stands for "Lefty," the Brooklyn rapper proceeds to slide over Trae The Truth's "I'm On It." Dedicating his message to the streets, L blends melodies with bars as he reflects on his struggles. "Call my mama, we finally did it, overcame all of the dickriders, the haters, and critics," he raps. "All that grinding paid off now I can move out the trenches, became a man when I got my ass beat with extensions." As the track progresses, Lefty implements more melodic cadences into his flow, despite having little in the way of studio processing. 

As per usual, part of the appeal to these freestyles is watching Funk Flex's face throughout. As the singing starts, the DJ's mouth hangs agape as he soaks it all in, his demeanor shifting when it's back to the bars. "I moved out the hood but my soul ain't never leave it," raps Lefty. "This the first time I been put to a test and I ain't cheated, coldhearted n***a I be swearing I'm anemic." 

Check it out for yourself, especially if you're unfamiliar with the rising artist. For the most part, this freestyle session seems to double as a showcase for a full-fledged song, so if you like what you hear consider diving deeper into his catalog. What do you think of Smoove L?