Snap Dogg took social media mischief to a whole new stage. While some artists display their gangsta persona by flashing guns for the camera, the Detroit rapper seemed to have taken part in a literal gun shooting, based on a video uploaded online. The clip shows Snap angling the camera up to his face while he interacted with offscreen individuals.

"Who this? Who this? This bitch gonna get blew?" he said. "A whole lotta gang sh*t, n*gga. We ain't gon' play with nobody out here." Then, someone asked who Snap was, to which the rapper responded, "N*gga, I'm Snap. What's happening, n*gga?" At this point, he lifted a gun towards the other people as fires a few rounds. The video clip ended abruptly as the camera dropped to the ground.

Some members of his following, as well as a few of his own homies, hit him up in concern. Snap Dogg filmed another video to clarify what went down.

"Y'all know I do some crazy ass skits, movies, videos, movie scenes in my music videos. Y'all know me. I'm a real street n*gga, you feel me. And I'm not stupid to be doing some dumb sh*t like that on live. That was for a video."