Kanye West and his daughter North are being gifted with a custom pack of sneakers for Father's Day, courtesy of one of the best sneaker customizers in the game, Dan "Mache" Gamache.

Of course, Mache took to a couple of Adidas staples to honor Mr. West and his daughter, who recently celebrated her third birthday.

For Kanye, a "half un-caged" pair of Adidas Ultra Boosts decked out in forest green with orange Pablo-style text. For North, a pair of pink and gold Adidas Superstars painted with compasses pointing North & West.

Furthermore, each of the celebratory kicks feature tamper-proof "Smart Tags" which were designed by "Chronicled" to quell the production of high-quality fake sneakers. The tags contain small chips with unforgeable product profiles that customers and brands can use to register pieces of info and verify authenticity.

“Technology is moving fast. Someday soon you'll be able to run a legit check on all your new sneakers with two taps on your iPhone," said Gamache. "Chronicled, or something like it, is definitely the future of this industry. The days of rampant, undetectable sneaker counterfeiting are numbered.”