The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has taken over America and last night, Saturday Night Live capitalized on Harry Styles's appearance as host to work a cheeky skit into the show. 

Styles plays a young intern from the U.K., comically oblivious to how popular the new chicken sandwich is at popeyes. When tasked with picking up lunch for the office, he presents his own idea for where to eat. "Could I make a suggestion? I thought I could get us all those chicken sandwiches from Popeyes," he says, unaware of the difficulty of the offer. "I'll just go in and say 'give me every chicken sandwich you have. I'm in a hurry."

The whole bit is carried by Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, and Chris Redd who attempt to convince Styles that this is a bad idea.

"There's not many things in this country where our people get first dibs. But the Popeyes chicken sandwich, that's one of 'em," Thompson said.

Nwodim added: "Imagine I went to a Whole Foods and bought up all the those White Claw seltzers you all like?"

The bit ends by Styles committing to the idea as the screen cuts to black and "Jordan Peele presents White Get Out" appears on the screen.