Saturday Night Live is not the show to shy away from controversial topics, and this past weekend the sketch comedy series went in on R. KellySNL opened with a spoof of Robert Kelly's interview with Gayle King, and the result is as hilarious as you would think. Kenan Thompson plays Kells, who has trouble spelling, believes that the interview is just practice, and keeps referring to himself as "victim." Leslie Jones plays the cool and collected Gayle King, but it's Thompson that really steals the show. 

Pete Davidson popped up on the "Weekend Update" soon after to give his opinion on the entire situation. Davidson likened people who still listen to R Kelly to those who still go to the Catholic Church. His initial comparison drew a mixed reaction from the crowd, but he made a good point to follow which quelled the drama.  “But if you support the Catholic church, isn’t that the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan?" Davidson quips. “I don’t really see the difference. Only one’s music is significantly better." Davidson does find a remedy to the issue though. He believes we should be able to listen to R Kelly and Michael Jackson's music, as long as the listener can admit that the artist wasn't a good person. Check out his segment below.