Snoop Dogg has collaborated with damn near every legend in the game, including hip-hop's first billionaire Jay-Z on a variety of occasions. The Doggfather first joined Jay on The Dynasty: Roc La Familia's "Get Your Mind Right Mami," before Hov returned the favor of Snoop's "Lollipop" in 2006. Suffice it to say, the respect is there; come to think of it, I don't think there are any rappers worth their salt who would dare disrespect Big Snoop.  

Snoop Dogg Jay-Z Dame Dash

Now, those who follow Snoop's Instagram page have likely noticed his affinity for throwing up classic throwback pictures, often times celebrating his link-ups with his peers. Yesterday we saw him take it back to the "G Thang" days with a nostalgic picture of him and Dr. Dre. Today, Snoop took it Eastward with another iconic shot, this one going back to the 2002 NBA Finals matchup between the New Jersey Nets and the Los Angeles Laker.

In the pic, Snoop and Jay-Z stand side by side, with the former proudly sporting his team's Yellow and Purple colors. Jay seems unconcerned with the fact that his team of choice doesn't seem to be playing, instead opting to support the throwback Buffalo Braves jersey. Around this time, Jay would have been coming off the release of The Blueprint, and Snoop would have been readying the release of his platinum era classic Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss. Another picture from the era confirms that Dame Dash was in attendance as well, though he opted to leave this particular picture to the rappers on hand.