Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have been the unlikeliest of famous friends for quite some time now, and they always seem to have a blast together. The two of them even have a show together called Martha & Snoop's Potluck Party Challenge, originally titled Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. The dynamic duo took their witty banter to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, where they served as guest hosts of the daytime talk show.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

While it's not totally clear why Ellen couldn't take up her usual post as host, Snoop and Martha seemed happy to fill in. To spice things up even more, the episode included a cooking segment, in which Martha and Snoop were joined by the show's guests, Green Day. With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, the homemaker extraordinaire thought it would be both fun and useful to teach her rapper friend and the band's members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool how to make the perfect dishes for an Oscars viewing party. 

To kick off the segment, Martha decided to show the boys how to make a Venus Blush cocktail. “We have to start with a drink,” she tells them, “because everybody has to start with a drink.” After the gang toasts to "success and nothing less" and to Green Day's new album, Father of All Motherf*ckers, Martha sets out to give everyone a lesson on how to make pizza and pull-apart pigs in a blanket. Once the tutorial was officially complete, Green Day performed their new song, "Oh Yeah!"

If this episode proves anything, it's that Ellen needs to get guests to host her show more often.