If you're someone who's looking to justify the use of a sex doll as a substitute for a real, human romantic encounter, then don't be looking to Snoop Dogg for sympathy. 

The veteran rapper took to Instagram yesterday (January 20th) in one of his many stream-of-consciousness video posts, to drag anybody who's using an inanimate, store-bought object to fulfill their sexual needs or desires. The top-of-the-line AI dolls, which are very popular in China despite costing at least $10,000, are not something that would even remotely impress the Doggfather.

In the video, Snoop was quick to judge those who are using sex dolls as a means of getting sexual pleasure. "If another n**** send me another picture of one of these motherf**king blow-up dolls, then one of you n****s gonna f**k one of them blow-up dolls and try and get that motherf**ker pregnant," said Snoop. He also called those who are doing it with sex dolls on the regular "insecure" and described them has having "no game."

"I don't care how you sexy you think she looks, that's a doll n****," added Snoop. "It's a f**king plastic doll [...] knock it off." Despite the sex doll retail market becoming an increasingly profitable sector for the companies who make them, it's obvious that Snoop Dogg respects men out there who are getting it on with a real-life person, with a pulse and ability to breathe in and out.

What do you think - is having sex with a store-bought doll a normal thing to do in our current society, or is Snoop Dogg right to be clowning on those who use one? Let us know in the comments.