Alabama artist Chika has been steadily rising, winning fans with her tell-it-like-it-is demeanor, tight flow, and laid-back musical vibe. And though she has involved herself in a mild controversy from time to time, Chika has largely moved to stand for positivity -- both of the body and the mind. Last night, she found herself engaged in a lengthy Instagram Live session -- it went on to surpass two hours in total runtime -- where she interacted with fans and shot the breeze about a variety of topics. Eventually, the Live was crashed by none other than Snoop Dogg, who slid through to show some love to the young rapper.

CHIKA Snoop Dogg

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At first, Chika offers to smoke up in his honor, inviting him to join the Live in hilarious fashion. After a slight technical difficulty, Snoop slides in like a true favorite uncle. "I'm here to give you your flowers," praises Snoop. "I fuck with your music, I love your shit. I play it, I enjoy it. And I wanted to tell you that, I didn't want to like, let you hear about it. I want you to hear it from me, from the Dogg's mouth." 

"That touches my heart in so many different ways," says Chika. "As an avid weed smoker and also as someone who enjoys your music, I think that hearing it like this means so fucking much. I'm letting you know that. And I'm gonna give you your flowers because of what you've done for the culture. N***as like me probably wouldn't exist if you didn't. So, I take that, I receive it, I internalize it, but also -- you already know you're a fucking legend, an actual goddamn pillar in our community." 

The wholesome exchange is worth a watch, as it highlights the impact an OG's wisdom can have on a younger artist -- who can sometimes benefit from a vote of confidence from time to time. Check out the clip below, which begins near the one hour and thirty-seven-minute mark of Chika's recent IG Live. Look for the inevitable collaboration to come soon. "I'm writing you a country song," promised Chika. "It's gonna be a Black country song. Southern rap."

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