Snoop Dogg believes that Pusha T and Drake were actually neck-in-neck during their 2018 feud. The West Coast legend sat down with Michael Rapaport this past week on GGN News they touched on the topic of Drake and Pusha T's beef. Drake's even declared Pusha T the winner in that bout but Snoop Dogg doesn't seem to agree with that. The success of "In My Feelings" alone was a major dub for Drake, even in wake of Pusha T's "The Story Of Adidon."

drake pusha t snoop dogg story of adidon in my feelings

"The n***a made 'Kiki Do You Love Me?' when Pusha T took off on him," he said. "Like, you can have my head, but I'm going to have everybody in your family and everybody in the world singing 'Kiki Do You Love Me?'  That’s the answer. The answer is not, 'I can’t match you lyrical wop-di-wop-woop,' but 'You can’t match me with this song that’s gonna play forever when they forget about that diss and then [at] your birthday party for your daughter in four years, guess what they’re gonna be playing? ‘Kiki do you love me?’" He added, "Drake is the shit."

Snoop went on to applaud Pusha T for bringing that type of energy back to the rap game but at the same time, he admitted that Drake played that move well. "Pusha-T, you did that, you scored a 10. But at the same time, his answer was a 10. So it was like a draw to me," Snoop added.

Peep the clip below.