Snoop Dogg stays a busy man, from hosting the BET Hip-Hop Awards, to working on new music, to hosting his own YouTube segment GGN News, the rapper/reggae artist/funk artist doesn't stop. His latest foray into the genre of funk with producer Dam-Funk incited his name change (once more) from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion to now, Snoopzilla. We talked to Snoop while he was on the set of his GGN series to catch up on what he's been doing lately.

The rapper spoke on his recent birthday as well as hosting the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Snoop singled out Crooked I and Kendrick Lamar as particularly dope in the BET cyphers. "I thought the cyphers were actually dope, I thought they were well-rounded. They gave a lot of people the opportunity to get down that deserved it. I really liked Crooked I, Kendrick Lamar and I definitely liked Kevin Hart," Snoopzilla said.

Given his many name changes in recent times, it's hard to know what exactly we should be calling Snoop. The West Coast native clarified why he's been changing his name, and said the easiest thing for people to do is call him Snoop.

"Just call me Snoop, you know, that makes it simple," he explained. "The thing is for the project, it wasn't a Snoop Dogg project, so I didn't want people to get it confused, that's why. It's a project called 7 Days Of Funk, where me and Dam-Funk we came together and made a group. In the group, the name I'm under is Snoopzilla."

Check out our full interview with the D-O-Double G below.