When Kawhi Leonard was making his free agency decision this summer, there were a plethora of pundits who rushed to confirm that he was going to the Los Angeles Lakers. Going to the purple and gold would have made for the best story when you realize he would have been joining Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Of course, Kawhi as a Laker was a pipe dream as he ended up signing with the other Los Angeles team, the Clippers. Since then, Lakers fans have been salty about the move and during a recent Rams game, he was booed after appearing on the Jumbotron.

Yesterday, Lakers superfan Snoop Dogg was on FS1's Undisputed where he spoke about the aforementioned booing incident. As Snoop explained, it shouldn't be a surprise that Leonard was booed considering how he dubbed the team. Despite this, Snoop still feels as though the city has some love for the two-time Finals MVP.

“They booed him cause he didn’t come play for us. It’s not about where he’s playing at," Snoop said. "It was like, ‘Oh, you set us up you supposed to come play for us.’ But they love him. They love him and they love Paul George. There’s no doubt we love our LA guys, but you just playin’ for the wrong team.”

This season, the Los Angeles rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers will be reignited and it should make for some compelling basketball. Perhaps we'll even see these two in the Western Conference Finals.