Every single person probably wants to smoke a blunt with Snoop Dogg at one point in there life. While there's probably many people in the world who've been able to share that experience with Snoop, not everyone in the world will get the chance. However, Hulu has since found a solution. In an era where technology can help us experience things we wouldn't be able to otherwise, their new virtual reality experience gives fans the chance to smoke a blunt with Snoop Dogg in the comfort of their home.

Hulu is readying the launch on their new "Door No. 1" VR experience, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Their new VR production is a choose-your-own adventure equipped with live-action virtual reality experience. In their new "Door No. 1" production, fans are able to smoke weed in a bathroom and you'll be greeted by Snoop Dogg. You could also attend a high school class reunion through "Door No. 1" as well.

Each experience ranges in time depending on the choice but vary between 10 to 20 minutes. 

Hulu's "Door No. 1" experience was created by director and writer, Nora Kirkpatrick through Hulu and VR Production company RYOT. Kirkpatrick and Hulu have history together. The two of them have worked together for the VR series, Virtually Mike & Nora, alongside former SNL writer, Mike O'Brien.

"Door No. 1" experience is set to launch this Thursday through the Hulu's VR app.