While uncles in general tend to pose a heightened risk of being a Thanksgiving liability, sometimes, they're on the receiving end of the holiday gaffe. And for Snoop Dogg, who has long enjoyed his tenure as the game's collective uncle, it would appear that his own Thanksgiving celebration was derailed by a few foul plays -- perpetrated by unnamed parties in keeping with Uncle Snoop's snitch-free nature. Yet that doesn't make Snoop's pain any less real, a stark contrast to the myriad celebrations that have been highlighted throughout the hip-hop world.

Snoop Dogg

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

From the sound of it, Snoop was wronged in a dreadful fashion. Following what can only be described as a dinner from hell, the legendary rapper took to Instagram to vent about his experience, his typically jovial demeanor nowhere to be seen. "Thanksgiving," he begins, his cadence no-nonsense. "They make you wait all fuckin day to eat, then when you finally eat, the food don't be worth a fuck. Straight bullshit. Next Thanksgiving, leave me the fuck alone. I'm sleep."

While it's unclear where things went so horribly awry -- though it would appear that a serious culinary offense took place at some point -- whatever happened was certainly devastating enough for Snoop to take such a Grinch-like turn. Of course, it's entirely possible that a few puffs of the ol' stash can heal even the deepest of food-induced wounds. Perhaps Snoop can take small comfort in knowing that even if his meal was among the more forgettable ones he's ever experienced, the entire hip-hop culture remains thankful for his presence.