Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin recently found himself catching heat after his 33-year-old son Kerrion released footage of a heated phone conversation, during which he let fly an explicit and disrespectful rant. The footage quickly went viral, and many accused the Sunday's Best host of verbal abuse. Though Kirk Franklin since apologized for his behavior, citing a longtime toxic dynamic and promising visits to familial therapy, Kerrior Franklin accused his father of being inconsistent in that department.

Despite the serious nature of the situation, that hasn't stopped many from embracing their gallows humor and firing off jokes at Kirk Franklin's expense. Following Plies having a laugh at the situation, Snoop Dogg took a moment to follow suit, sharing a meme on his own Instagram page. The picture parodies Kirk Franklin's "Imagine Me," only remixed as "Imagine Me Beating Yo Ass." 

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Though it's likely that some will react to Snoop's foray into dark comedy with shock and outrage, be it sincere or otherwise, many clearly found humor in Kirk Franklin's outburst. Of course, the irony of a gospel legend and spiritual leader having such an explosive temper has not been lost on the masses. Don't be surprised to see more memes continue to surface in the coming days, though not everybody is quite so amused. Kerrion Franklin has openly expressed distress over his fractured familial dynamic, alleging to have been shunned for nearly fifteen years. 

Check out Snoop Dogg's meme below.