Leave it Snoop Dogg to find a way to lighten the mood for us all. The last few weeks have been exhausting but the fight is far from over. While we're seeing change slowly creep into our lives, the people must continue pushing to achieve an end to systemic oppression. That doesn't mean that a laugh here and there isn't warranted, though.

Snoop Dogg is well-known for his hilarious content on social media, tag-teaming with 50 Cent to deliver some of the biggest knee-slappers this year. He came through overnight with a funny meme making fun of Drake, Kanye, Future, and, of course, himself.

Snoop Dogg
Brian Ach/Getty Images

"Late night laff," wrote the rapper on the 'gram. "Need a laff to take away this pain."

The post has four different pictures in each corner. Celebrity lookalikes who resemble some of the most famous rappers in the world, including "Snoop Catt," "Kanye East," and "Brake" are shown for the enjoyment of the public. 

The best one is in the bottom left corner, with Future being re-purposed as "Past."

Do you think any of the generic brand versions of these rappers can spit as well as the actual stars? Brake and Past might have some skills that they're holding from the world.