Snoop Dogg is probably the most globally recognized stoner in hip-hop and for many weed enthusiasts, it's a dream to one day light up a blunt with the legendary West Coast rapper. We've heard countless stories about smoke sessions with Uncle Snoop, but recently, there was a celebrity who just couldn't hang with him during their hangout. During his appearance on E! Nightly Pop, Snoop revealed which comedian couldn't handle his weed when they met up.

"I can't even front... the last person I just blew with, I knocked his wig off and I'm supposed to see him again this week. My good friend Pete Davidson," said Snoop when asked which celebrity couldn't stand on his level. "I mean, he fights. He fights it and fights it and fights it and then he says, 'Hey man, I'm cool, dawg.'"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Pete Davidson previously detailed his weed use, revealing that he self-medicates to regulate his Crohn's Disease. While he may be a daily smoker, Pete clearly doesn't smoke as much as Snoop does, leaving the rapper unimpressed with his lungs.

When asked about the last time he personally got too high, Snoop spoke about his 4/20 over a decade ago with Willie Nelson, revealing that the singer knocked him off his feet with the amount of weed he smoked.

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