Jussie Smollett was embarrassed so badly by the city of Chicago and the media coverage of his "attack" that he's basically gone into hiding for the full year. At the top of 2019, one of the strangest stories broke that the Empire actor had been targeted in a racist and homophobic beatdown, having bleach poured over him, a noose tied around his neck, and hurtful epithets thrown his way. After a lengthy police investigation, it was eventually determined that Smollett had filed a false report and his accusations were simply untrue. Since then, he has maintained his innocence, claiming time and time again that he was attacked by two men on that cold night in Chi-Town. Plenty of memes have been shared to elicit laughter from onlookers and, while he may have posted it a few months too late, Snoop Dogg is revisiting the dramatic unfolding with a savage post on social media.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Juxtaposing photos of Smollett and the viral Smudge The Cat, the Doggfather retold the story as we all know it. "I got beat up," says Jussie in the joke post. "No you didn't," responds the angry cat. After the actor notes that Smudge wasn't there, the feline responds with a truly legendary remark, exclaiming, "Neither were you."

At this point, we would have thought Jussie Smollett memes would get old. Fortunately, they've still got some juice and Snoop Dogg is leading the revival of them.