Snoop Dogg is Wendy Williams' latest guest on her self-titled talk show and the legendary rapper discusses not only his daughter's plans to pursue a singing career but also his son's decision to quit football. Snoop's love for the sport is pretty evident if you scroll through his Instagram feed, combined with his Netflix special on his coaching abilities. Being as the sport holds a special place in his heart, it was hard at first to hear that his son wanted to drop his involvement in playing, but Snoop understood. 

“My son is very smart for getting out early and maintaining his mind-state," he told Wendy Williams about 21-year-old Cordell Broadus. "It was difficult for him [to break it to me] because he said he had played for me his whole life and he wanted to play for himself."

CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is a disease found in people who have multiple head injuries.

"I sat my family down—like 15 family members in the room—and I just told them the reason I played football was because my father [Snoop Dogg] would come around more," Cordell previously told GQ, explaining how leaving football to pursue fashion and film was a tough decision. "He took football so seriously and it was cool to be around him, see something he was super-passionate about besides music. He has multiple sides, too—different personalities."