Last night, Kanye West captured attention like only he can -- which is to say, hosting his first official presidential rally, an emotional speech that saw him touching on topics like abortion, decriminalizing marijuana, his family, his former relationship with Amber Rose, and of course, slavery.

Ye's previous comments on the dark chapter of American history -- namely his notorious "slavery was a choice" stance -- were enough to alarm even his most ardent supporters. At yesterday's rally, Yeezyonce more offered a controversial take, this time criticizing Harriet Tubman's historical efforts to free slaves through the Underground Railroad. "Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people," he claimed, a statement that drew ire from many in attendance.

Kanye West Snoop Dogg Harriet Tubman

 Marc Piasecki/GC Images

It didn't take long for Snoop Dogg, a frequent detractor of Yeezy's more off-the-rails moments, to weigh in on the now-viral soundbite. And while he has previously laid waste to Yeezy to a far more scathing degree, this time the Doggfather has opted to take the high road. Like many, he took to Instagram to offer his prayers to Kanye West, while highlighting the importance of Tubman as a historical figure. Thank u queen Harriet," he captions, alongside an image of Tubman. "@jesusisking [prayers] for u brother."

With an increasing amount of rappers echoing Snoop's call for prayer, it feels as if many are receiving Yeezy's campaign with skepticism at best, alarm at worst. One has to wonder if Kanye will continue to trudge forward unimpeded, or if the concern will bring his presidential ambitions to an early end.