Today is 4/20 and we all know that Snoop Dogg is an avid participant in the annual holiday for stoners across the world. Though the world is on lockdown due to coronavirus so it's hard for anyone to celebrate 4/20 off of their property, Snoop Dogg has a pretty laid back day that he plotted out. However, before revealing his plans, he shared a PSA.

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Wake 'n' bake. Wake yo ass up. It's 4/20," he said. "I'm clownin' all day. I'm mixin'. Clownin'. Laughin', talkin'. Smokin'. It's 4/20. It's a holiday and you ain't got nowhere to be. Nowhere to go. So load up until I get back," he concluded as he finished off the roach to his blunt.

Typically, Snoop's usually at some event of 4/20 to ring in the holiday but clearly, the pandemic has prevented his typical plans from coming into fruition. The rapper will, however, be hosting a DJ set for Brooklinen in support of America's Food Fund. There is no doubt that he'll be bringing back some classics, especially from The Chronic. The album that gave Snoop his start in the rap game finally hit all streaming services today for the first time ever.

Snoop still has plans on deck for 4/20 but how are you celebrating today? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and check out Snoop's post below.