Snoop Dogg doesn't pull any punches when it comes to social media, particularly his Instagram account. He can constantly be found posting memes about anything he finds funny. His latest target is none other than the Dallas Cowboys who just narrowly missed the playoffs. The team has a huge decision to make including their head coach, Jason Garrett. Many people believe Garrett should be fired although the Cowboys seem to be taking their time with the decision. 

With this in mind, Snoop decided to take to Instagram with a little bit of savagery. In the post below, Snoop takes aim at the Cowboys coaching situation with a meme that some may find just a tiny bit offensive, although others will surely find it uproarious.

If you're a Cowboys fan, memes like this have to hurt. The team had so much potential at the beginning of the season and they ended up wasting it all away. While Garrett isn't the only one to blame for their failures, he certainly hasn't helped. Garrett has spent a full decade as their head coach and they don't have much to show for it.

Jones and Garrett are supposed to meet this afternoon so stay tuned for updates on that situation.