There will always be discussions as to who had the greater career: Michael Jordan or LeBron James. There may never be a definite answer but, right now, because of the way he's leading the charge in the boycotts off the court, Snoop Dogg is comfortable saying that LeBron is the GOAT.

Uncle Snoop has been vocal ever since the Milwaukee Bucks initially refused to step out onto the court for Game 5 against the Orlando Magic. He supports what the players are doing and, with the Lakers being one of the teams ready to give up the entire season to make a statement to provoke change, Snoop thinks that LeBron can officially be named the Greatest of All Time.

"IDGAF how else LEBRONS career ends, the fact that he's leading this charge puts him ahead of MJ as far as 'THIS' goes," exclaimed the legendary West Coast rapper on Instagram. "He's the GOAT off the court! Respect [King]! HE SAID FUCK JUST SHUTTIN UP & DRIBBLIN."

LeBron has been one of the most vocal players in terms of the current boycott in the NBA. With the largest platform in the NBA, LeBron is making sure that even the most casual basketball fan is hearing the players, listening to what they have to say, and begging for change themselves.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Is LeBron officially the GOAT?