Snoop Dogg shared a photo of his mother, who is currently hospitalized and dealing with undisclosed health issues, on Sunday. Snoop says his family went to visit her and thanked fans for their players.

"Happy Sunday me and my brothers went to c mama today and she opened up her eyes to c us and let us know she still fighting," Snoop captioned the picture of himself and his brothers at their mother's bedside. "God is good thanks for all the prayers 1 day at a time."

Numerous fans expressed support in the comments including Jamie Fox, Lizzo, Busta Rhymes, and more.

Snoop Dogg, Mother
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Snoop first revealed that his mother had been hospitalized back in May, but didn't specify any details regarding her health condition.

"Thank y’all for all your prayers," he wrote in the caption of a video update on his Instagram. "Gotta stay strong, keep pushing on," he states. "They say God don't put nothing on your shoulders you can't handle. I'm being tested right now, ya'll. Make sure ya'll pray for me and my family."

Check out Snoop's post below.