Snoop Dogg's Instagram page has become a haven for glorious throwback pictures, be it Thursday or otherwise -- and many of them center around his formative days on Death Row records. And as one of 2Pac's closest friends and collaborators, the Doggfather has become one of the game's most viable sources for stories and pictures of the late legendary rapper.

Snoop Dogg 2Pac Shakur

Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage/Getty Images

Yesterday, Snoop shared a clip from an old-school interview from the late nineties, during which he shared the biggest lesson he learned from Pac. Today, he's coming through with a genuine blast from the past. Captioning his latest picture "Young Pac," the image captures exactly that: a youthful Shakur, likely in his teenage years, standing with a boom-box in hand. The picture is all but soaked in nostalgia, having likely been take in the late eighties. 

As is so often the case with 2Pac Shakur memorabilia, there's a strong bittersweet sentiment attached to it. When he was murdered in a drive-by shooting, Pac was only twenty-five. He had already amassed four studio albums to his name, a catalog that many count among hip-hop's best -- playing what if feels futile at this point, but it's hard not to wonder what the extent of Pac's influence might have been had he lived to evolve as both an artist and a man.

Either way, we'll always have the music he left behind. Respect to Snoop Dogg for continuing to keep the legacy alive. Check out young Pac below, and hit the comments with your favorite Shakur moments.