Los Angeles legend Snoop Dogg never kept his allegiance to the Lakers a secret. The rapper can often be seen sitting courtside, close to Flea and Jack Nicholson, composing a trio of diehard superfans. As a fan of the team, he was also admittedly a huge supporter of Kobe Bryant's career. When the icon retired from the game of basketball, Snoop gifted him a purple and gold-colored whip, which are the team's primary colors. The Doggfather is clearly shaken up over the sudden and tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, who lost his life in a helicopter crash this weekend. He has been updating his social media profiles with tributes to the athlete, with the latest being a text message he received from his mother regarding the horrific incident.

Posting a photo of his mother and the message she sent him about Kobe, Snoop Dogg thanked the matriarch of his family for continuing to show love. About Bryant, she had written: "Love you so much Son. I am feeling your hurt. I think his passing has wounded us all. You need me, I am here for you."

Snoop Dogg is one of many public figures to have advocated for the NBA to change its existing logo to one containing a photo of Kobe Bryant. The logo is currently of another Lakers legend, Jerry West. Do you think the NBA should follow through?