At 46-years-old, many men stop hitting the gym, drink a few beers every night and generally get pretty lazy. Snoop Dogg is not like many men though. The West Coast legend is still full of energy, and instead of cooling off with a few brews, Snoop is living the high life on a daily basis. Using marijuana as fuel for his mindset of the day, Snoop has invested millions in the cannabis industry. While most middle-aged women will tell you that weed makes you lazy, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have proven the opposite. The two consume a lot of green and are working out harder than ever before. With Wiz well along in MMA training, the Doggfather decided to show off some of his own skills, and they're nothing to scoff at.

Snoop Dogg looks like a certified ninja in the video he uploaded to Instagram, impressing his fans with a high vertical leap and a kick that'll knock your head off. The man looks like he's flying through the air and, while the effect is amplified with the use of slow-motion, Snoop can definitely hang with the 20-year olds in the gym. Forget about Kung Fu Kenny, Kung Fu Snoopy is in the building and he's ready to fight.

Who would win if they ever got together in the ring? Wiz or Snoop?