Snoop Dogg's impact stretches far beyond the rap game, though in that department few boast an equally prolific resume as the Doggfather. Having expanded his empire to the worlds of wine, little league, cannabis, and Martha Stewart, it's clear that Snoop's mind for big business is as versatile as his musical output. And while he may very well have seen and done it all on a rap tip, Snoop's investment opportunities appear to be only getting started.

Snoop Dogg Atlantic City

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

NBC News reports that he rang up Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. on Sunday night -- out of the blue, no less -- prompting a stunned response from the starstruck politician. As the outlet tells it, Snoop is Small's favorite rapper, which explains why the cold call caught him completely off-guard. "Hold on, hold on, hold on," he reportedly said, attempting to regain composure. “I’m coming to the state," explained Snoop. "I’m coming to the city. We’re looking to try to invest in some real estate and do some big things out there with you. Just wanted to get acquainted with you. Let you know, hear it from me face to face.” 

Real estate expansion aside, Snoop also expressed a desire to form a "coalition of mayors," breaking it down to Mayor Small as follows: "I’m in the city of Inglewood, right? We have a black mayor out here as well and I’d like for you to meet him so we can start a mayor’s coalition. That way you brothers will start to know each other. Start working with each other.”

Speaking with NBC, Small explained that he appreciated Snoop's idea, and anticipated seeing what he planned on bringing to Atlantic City. "Well, what the city of Atlantic City lacks, obviously, is family fun. Entertainment,” Small admitted. “We look forward to Snoop Dogg and any other person that wants to do business here in Atlantic City.” 

Look for further updates on this particular venture as they occur.