With his big bout with Conor McGregor coming up at the end of this month, Floyd Mayweather is in full-on preparation mode. His main place to train is the gym that he owns in Las Vegas, which is a place that's been known to welcome a celebrity or two. Yesterday, Snoop Dogg paid a visit to the boxer's training facility and let's just say he was impressed.

Reported by TMZ, Snoop rolled up to Floyd's place and was blown away by the overall quality of the location. The Doggfather currently works for Dana White's UFC, but clearly he's not opposed to boxing either, as he hugged it out with Mayweather upon seeing him. The rapper was also taken with the fact that Floyd owns the place instead of renting it. In fact, the respect seemed mutual on both sides. The fighter even had praise for Snoop's cologne, although now that he said that, I'm just curious about what it smells like.

Snoop Dogg isn't the hip-hop celeb Floyd has welcomed to his gym. 50 Cent and Rick Ross are just a couple of names that have shown up at his facility, both of whom I'm sure we equally as impressed as Snoop was. Mayweather's fight with McGregor has been grabbing all the sports headlines since it was announced and divided fans as to who's going to win. I wonder who Snoop has his money on.