Last month, a woman named Erika Kayne went viral after comedian Justin Whitehead shared a video of her singing on social media. In the clip, Kayne effortlessly belted out Jazmine Sullivan's "Need U Bad" during a karaoke night at KeVante's Restaurant & Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio. Normally, Kayne would have been any other talented singer of the night, except she was working a shift behind the bar and ringing up customers as she stunned listeners with her voice.

Snoop Dogg was one of many that were impressed by Kayne's skills and he shared the singer's clip on his Instagram page. “Wow where she at she is amazing 💙💙” he commented. He later captioned the video, “No she didn’t work the register and the mic. 🔥🔥 yes she did. That’s black girl power she needs a deal. Pronto 🎤🎤💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥wow.”

Recently, Snoop was in Plano, Texas where he DJed at Legacy VNYL nightclub. He invited Kayne out for the event and even let her hop on the mic to sing Anita Baker's "Caught Up in the Rapture." Before she took to the stage, Snoop told the audience, “I seen her at work doing orders and sh*t and she was singing her ass off and I just love her f*king vocals. So long story short...We’re family now so I want her to sing something right now. I know we don’t do sh*t like this, but this girl can sing...I need y’all to hear her sing. So I’m gon’ put on some good music and I’m gon’ let her do her thing.”

Kayne shared the clip on Instagram and captioned it with a thankful message:

"I can honestly say a week in a half ago I didn’t think I this would be life for me . I’ve always wanted this and my dreams are unfolding right before my eyes 😩 I want anyone who’s ever thought or is thinking 🤔 about giving up and thinking your dreams aren’t attainable they are I’m living proof !!!! Omgggggg @snoopdogg Said sing 🎤 and that’s what I did ! I can’t thank God enough and grandma 👵🏾 I know you up there still knocking on doors 🚪 while smiling I love ❤️ you girl and I miss you sooooo much !!!"