Of all the rap groups that are rising to prominence, SOB X RBE likely have the brightest star attached to them. Hoping to one day surpass the Migos as the top force to be reckoned with in terms of current hip-hop collectives, the West Coast foursome is gaining traction with a lot of listeners. After their stand-out appearance on the Black Panther soundtrack with "Paramedic!," many are keeping an eye on the group to see what they have planned for the future. With a shared talent in crafting melodic flows, each member brings something different to the table. Currently on tour with Post Malone and 21 Savage, SOB X RBE spoke with The Fader for their forthcoming Summer Music issue, covering the copy.

Made up of Yhung T.O., Slimmy B, DaBoii and Lul G, T.O. explained that one of their most popular songs, "Different," was almost never released, saying, "At the time, that beat was something different than we ever did before. When it’s something that he don’t usually do, he [Daboii] be thinking it’s weak. He didn’t wanna fuck up my grandma’s house, and I didn’t care, so I grabbed that nigga and pinned him on the couch like, 'We gon' shoot this video!' Now he’s thankful that I slammed him on that couch 'cause that video went up." Nearing 20 million views on YouTube, T.O. notes that the collective is like a family and, while they may end up going their separate ways at a certain point, they are "always gon' come back and be SOB X RBE."

Read the full interview here and be sure to check out their TIDAL docuseries.