We recently reported on Disney being in talks with Melissa McCarthy to play the role of "Ursula" in the upcoming live-action film for The Little Mermaid. Accordingly, sources shared with Variety that the actress was strongly considered for the role. And in general, a lot of buzz has sprouted with regards to the cast as Disney readies for the live-action version of the undersea tale. The production team emphasized they wanted to ensure to make a compelling casting choice which would honor the beloved animated original. Despite the casting choice still being in discussion, social media reacted to the news and opted for a different act to play Ursula: body-positive rap sensation Lizzo

According to UpRoxx, some people took their opinions to Twitter and voiced Lizzo as their own picks for Ursula. The newly minted artist has been mentioned numerous times to take on the role and fans want the casting choice reconsidered. "Hey @Disney...Lizzo needs to be Ursula. Rethink," shared a Twitter user, an opinion which several others echoed. Perhaps the "Juice" artist could get a chance at getting the role if her supporters continue to pitch the idea by Disney. What do you think, are you here for Lizzo or Melissa McCarthy as Ursula?