Most of us know Sofia Vergara for her starring role on Modern Family. She's been nominated for so many awards over the course of her career, becoming one of the most celebrated actresses on the planet. The 46-year-old Colombian has been around Hollywood for quite some time, starring in 2005's Four Brothers and a couple of Tyler Perry movies after that. For her latest throwback shot though, she went back even further. The actress took a trip back to the 1990s, showing off her youth and reminding us all that she's always been sexy.

The actress stood in the water, embracing the Miami heat and covering up her topless chest by crossing her arms. She's got on body chains as the only article of clothing for this photoshoot, looking as beautiful as ever before. She's rocking blonde hair in the picture, a look that she hasn't tried out in quite some time. 

This isn't the first time she's shared a photo from the 90s in the last twelve months. In the summer, she celebrated National Bikini Day (who knew that was a thing?) by sharing a shot of herself during the same decade, wearing a bikini of course. Do you think Sofia Vergara looks better today or back then?