A Canadian man who goes by Louis is making big bank as a "soft drink pusher" to the stars. The hustle is simple: buy a crate of pop and sell it for profit. Here's how it all started according to Vice.

In September 2018, Louis created the Instagram page Rare Drank. He published some photos of soft drinks exclusive to Quebec, such as the Sprite peach and Kiri Cola. Quickly, he received requests from users ready to pay a big price for Crush cream soda. "The first day, I already had orders for five crates, with only a hundred subscribers," he says.

This scheme may sound silly as a legit source of income, but the profit margin is substantial. The cases Louis ships out to his customers are sold for $200. They only cost him $15 in Quebec. "The majority of my clients are either lean dealers, rappers, music labels or studios," he explained. "The kind of consumer who wears chains at $30,000 doesn't care to pay [for] a $20 bottle to put 60 ml of syrup in it. It's more baller on social networks. For him, it's better than Dom Pérignon."

"The dye-free beverages are flying off much faster as lean lovers can see their syrup fall into the bottom of the bottle and put the image on social networks. It's really more a story of image than of taste."