Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday (August 21st)? Did you venture outdoors and gaze up at the sun, wearing proper eye protection of course? Or did you avoid looking up towards the heavens, for fear that directing your pupils anywhere near the phenomenon would render your ability to see non-existent? Well, however you spent the afternoon while the eclipse was going on, many of hip-hop's biggest celebrities were checking it out or at least talking about it at length. Whether it's really your thing or not, there's no denying that the big astronomical event was the talk of every town across the United States and the world.

Some people, like Blac Youngsta, took to the road and drove far enough out into an open space, for optimal eclipse viewing. He brought the special glasses along and it looks like the experience was an intriguing one for him.

DC Youngfly, on the other hand, was left feeling a little cold about the functionality of the glasses. According to him, they were "preparing" him for blindness. We're not sure if that's totally true, but you be the judge:

Young Thug had a different approach to seeing the eclipse, as he called it, up close and personal. Most people just walked outside, stood on the ground and looked up. He wanted to take it to the next level.

Plies also weighed in on the eclipse ... I think. Well, more like what you should be watching instead.

In the world of sports, Odell Beckham Jr., the all-star receiver for the New York Giants who is now sidelined after being injured by a low hit, also took in the eclipse yesterday, but it doesn't look like he brought along the proper eyewear to do so. Maybe that's why he got hurt by that hit - he couldn't see the other man coming at him.

There was also President Donald Trump, who also refused to wear protection of any kind for his eyes and stare into the powerful ball of light and solar energy without much thought or concern for the after-effects. I'd like to say I was able to look at the photo and not laugh, but then I'd be a liar.

How did you spend the solar eclipse? Did you enjoy it? Did you wear protection? Let us know in the comments below!