The stigma surrounding the use of cannabis has died down quite a bit in the past few years. With more places across North America moving forward with the legalization of the plant, the cannabis industry has grown exponentially, providing many American and Canadian citizens with employment. But if you do work at a dispensary, chances are you're going to see some weird shit. In Canada, it's pretty easy to buy cannabis online through the government but you must provide photo ID. One individual tried to purchase cannabis with a fake ID but the problem was that it was the ID of a Marvel character.

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Canadian-based comedian and editor at Funny Or Die took to Twitter to reveal that someone tried to buy weed with a Fake Thor ID. Now, she explained that her sister works at an online dispensary where she goes through applications which include checking IDs. That's when one person tried to finesse their way into the system with a fake ID from Alberta that showed Thor's identity. The name is listed as "ODINSON, Thor Thunder" who lives at "69 Big Hammer Ln." And to top it all off, the person used a picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. 

Needless to say, whoever tried to use that Thor ID to get themselves some weed is most likely dry right now.