Sometimes, movie trailers give away way too much information. For example, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice would have been a much more enjoyable watch if the trailer didn't give away the inclusion of Doomsday. Avengers: Infinity War had an entire promotional campaign centered around finding the missing Soul Stone, but keen-eyed fans spotted the stone in a trailer where Thanos had five of the powerful rocks in the gauntlet. It's moments like those that make you think about who is in charge of promoting these films. Someone in Sony's office will definitely be getting the ax after uploading an entire film, instead of just the trailer, on Tuesday (July 3).

What was labeled as the red-band trailer for Khali the Killer turned out to be all 89 minutes of the film. Originally spotted by CBRthe movie was uploaded to Youtube and stayed there for about eight hours before Sony finally caught on and took it down. Khali the Killer was released for sale on DVD this past November, so it was not like movie leaked online before hitting theaters. Still, Sony is attempting to promote the digital sales of the film, and getting a free peek at the entire movie kills that purpose. Khali the Killer is available to purchase from Apple and Amazon, and can also be rented through YouTube.