For those who were actually able to secure a Sony PlayStation 5, arguably one of the most coveted pieces of technology in modern history, part of the fun lies in exploring the possibilities of next-gen technology. Though there aren't many true next-gen games available in the early stages of the console's release, options like Astro's Playroom have already showcased some of the capabilities of the DualSense controller. And now, a new report from IGN indicates that Sony is looking to add another layer of immersion to the experience.

Sony PS5


According to the report, a new patent has appeared on the World Intellectual Property Organization database, detailed as a "CONTROLLER ADD-ON DEVICE WITH CUSTOMIZABLE PRESETS." Though it's unclear as to what the main functionality of the back button would be, IGN explains that it would be fully customizable, which would in turn facilitate accessibility for those who struggle with certain button combinations. It should be noted that this is not confirmation that Sony will actually move forward with developing the accessory, but the patent has been filed should they decide to do so. 

One thing is certain -- it should certainly be interesting to see how future developers implement the versatile DualSense controller into the gameplay experience. Not to mention whether or not the back button accessory would become commonplace enough to warrant consistent implementation. Either way, the possibilities for next-gen innovation are certainly exciting, and will only widen once the PlayStation 5 becomes more accessible. What do you make of this potential new development?