Though PlayStation 4 is still enjoying a successful run, the arrival of the fifth PlayStation device remains an inevitable reality. A little over a week ago, Sony recently stoked the fires of hype even further, unveiling some of the console's upcoming tech specs and changes.  With a solid-state hard drive, near imperceptible load times, PS4 backward compatibility, and more, all signs point to another juggernaut from Sony, whenever it may arrive. Before you allow your excitement to reach an apex, slow your roll. The console is still a ways away.

writer from the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the next generation PlayStation is at least twelve months away, which means no new PS5 before April 2020. The same source has also detailed that Sony will be pumping money into the console's development, writing that “much of ¥31.1 billion JPY (approx. $278m USD), the difference between past fy op [fiscal year operations] vs this fiscal year operations outlook, to be invested to develop next PlayStation console."

While that news may be sour for those hoping for an imminent launch, at least you'll have a bit more time to use your trusty PS4, before dust particles become its new best friend. 

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images