The PlayStation 5 is among the video game world's most anticipated properties, if not the most. With reports of full-backward compatibility, little-to-no loading screens, and a solid-state hard drive, the PS5 looks to be a seriously stacked piece of technology. Natrually, gamers have already begun salivating, especially with titles like God Of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6 looming in the mix. While we have yet to see an official release date, a new report from Hypebeast indicates that the console is said to be revealed early next year. More specifically, at the PlayStation Meeting 2020 on February 12, next year.

Apparently, the event will mark the first official showcase for Sony's baby, seeing as they were a no-show at last year's E3. Should the event indeed come to manifest, it wouldn't be surprising to see all the major players roll through to showcase their latest games, thus sparking off what may be the greatest generation of consoles in video game history. At least, from a technological perspective. As for games, it'll be stiff competition, but should the PS5 come through with Bloodborne 2, it's in the bag.

Now, the problem is, the report's source is somewhat dubious in nature; which is to say, a leak. Still, it stands to reason that Sony will be unveiling their upcoming console before long, and seeing as they still intend to ship in late 2020, an early preview would fit well within the timeline. Are you excited to buy a PlayStation 5?