Soulja Boy is making a low-key comeback this year. For years, he was not involved in the discussion but in 2018, he's making sure that people take notice. While he may not have a banger like "Crank That" or a radio hit like "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," he is continually on his grind, putting out new music for everyone to enjoy (or make fun of.) It's only a matter of time before one of his records picks up and he goes viral like he did years ago. Many younger artists actually look to him as an inspiration due mostly on how he manipulated the internet at the beginning of his career. He used that same business savvy to make a new investment: buying a Subway franchise.

That's right, Soulja Boy Tell'em is the new owner of a Subway branch. Not only is he going to be making that sandwich money, but he can also eat for free whenever he wants. He made the announcement insanely casual too, speaking to his fans via an Instagram story. He said, "It's your boy Soulja Boy. I just bought a Subway!" He closed the clip by praising himself for making the investment as his buddy exclaimed, "Eat Fresh."

Big Soulja is working on his upcoming album, which is due for release on October 4. Hopefully, we get a music video from his new restaurant.