When Jordyn Woods was named as the "other woman" in Tristan Thompson' latest bout of infidelity, the internet went wild. Most of the scorn was unleashed on the young entrepreneur since Thompson's constant indiscretions have caused the public opinion to become unaffected by his actions. Many have chimed into the discussion centered around Jordyn Woods' part in the drama, considering her close friendship with Kylie Jenner. Then came Soulja Boy's remark. The rapper sided with most of Woods' critics.

He popped up on Twitter, warning his female following of unreliable friends. "You gotta watch these hoes they will f*ck ya man look at Jordyn and Khloe smh wow," he wrote. A social media user replied, "I bet you wish you could get some of that jor Jordyn action." Rather than pleading the 5th and keeping it moving, Soulja felt compelled to spill that he "been had that."

His reply points to ego, regardless of whether his claim is true. Draco simply had to say something as an apparent show of masculinity or whatever that was. Later, when someone asked him to comment on India Love's current scandal, he opted for decorum and said: "I’m just minding my business."