So far in 2019, Soulja Boy hasn't pushed his bootleg creations extensively to fans, which was the main reason for his comeback last year. When the rapper started releasing video game consoles, smart watches, and more, he gained notoriety and started to climb back up the rungs of the entertainment world. For years, Soulja was overlooked and while his music still isn't clicking with everybody, we can all agree that he's achieved meme magic this year. His Breakfast Club interview was enough to keep him relevant for the next twelve months, bringing several soundbites to our meme repertoires and generally not taking himself too seriously. The influential musician has officially gotten back on his grind after realizing that both Facebook and Instagram are experiencing outages today. In order to make some bank, he directed fans to his own mobile application, telling them to join Soulja Boy Official today.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

As reported by Complex, Big Draco decided that today was the perfect day to push his app, telling everybody to waste their time on his own network as they wait for IG and Facebook to start back up. Soulja is unimpressed that Mark Zuckerberg's services aren't working at the moment, noting that the company has far too much money to deal with an outage for this long. "That’s it I’m going to make a new social media network right now," he said. "This is unacceptable y’all have too much money for this smh."

While the app isn't exactly new, you've got to respect Draco's hustle here. He's constantly observing what's going on in the world and making quick changes to be a man of the people.