You can call Soulja Boy a lot of things but he certainly won't stand anyone undermining his intelligence. His business acumen and marketing skills set the standard for the internet era and he'll certainly be the first to remind you of that.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the rapper went on live stream where he started venting about some of the harsh names he's been called on the Internet. The launch of his gaming console was a point of conversation but apparently, there are some who feel like he's an "idiot" for its initial failure.

"It's certain words you don't say that's disrespectful. Oh, he's an idiotHe's an idiot. He's a -- Woah, hey. Why are you insulting my intelligence? I'm. an idiot? Woah, that's pure hatred," he said. Soulja added that there really isn't any sort of basis to make such a claim especially after the amount of success he's had throughout his career. 

"I'm worth $30M but I'm an idiot? Stop playin' with me. I released a#1 hit single at the age of 16 and made over a million dollars but I'm an idiot?" He said before diving further into his list of accomplishments which include a few other Ms, an appearance on Forbes, and his Grammy nomination, among others. Peep Soulja Boy's rant below.