Soulja Boy appears to have swapped one regrettable tattoo for another potential mistake. He already started the progress of removing his Gucci forehead tat, supporting the highly-publicized boycott following the brand's scandal. The rapper has since leveled up his tattoo count with a tribute to Blac Chyna. A photo uploaded to Young Draco's Instagram shows her name branded on the back on his arm. Word on the (virtual) street is that he copped the new ink for Valentine's Day. Check out the unexpected memento below.

Reactions to the "Chyna" tattoo are mixed with surprise and confusion. He started dissing the woman only days ago and kept the insults rolling today as well. Perhaps he's feeling bitter about having this artistic scar on his body after their fallout.

Soulja is supposedly dating an Instagram model named Tiona, which makes this drama seem disrespectful and slightly sketchy. Has he ever actually dated these women? Or is this another crank dat ploy? Perhaps someone could ask Jordyn Woods who Soulja claims as another notch on his Gucci belt. 

In other news, Young Draco squashed the beef he had with Drake from way back. He's still dragging Tyga across the interwebs though.