On the heels of a heated back-and-forth with Famous Dex on InstaLive, Soulja Boy is blasting someone new. His latest target is an "ex-cameraman" he claims hacked into his SouljaWatch online store, forcing it to shut down temporarily. Soulja offered an explanation for his website going down by engaging with Shopify's support handle on Twitter. 

Soulja Boy, at the whim of Shopify's on-call support system, managed to secure the services of Ted, as is normally the case, showed himself to be a willing listener. From there, Soulja and Ted conferred in private, in the shared goal of resuscitating his SouljaWatch website, the very same eStore that sold his video game consoles before they went "out of service."

Late in 2018, customers went public with their frustrations over SoulaWatch's goods and services. On more than one occasions, customers who'd purchased items from the website were reporting questionable practices - including but not limited to, faulty shipping memos/addresses, a lack of e-mail/customer support/correspondence. Shopify isn't culpable in Soulja Boy's misgivings, or how chose to run his eStore once the user interface was put in place - like an IKEA box frame thrown together at will. Soulja Boy's "ex-cameraman" has yet to enter the discussion on accord.